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Upcoming Events

Kindergarten registration is coming!

Registration for Fall 2014 Kindergarten will be

Monday May 5th through Friday May 9th.

Open House will be Wednesday May 8th from 3:30-4 pm.

Letter with More Information

Kindergarten School Supplies 14-15

First Grade School Supplies 14-15

Second Grade School Supplies 14-15

Third Grade School Supplies 14-15

Fourth Grade School Supplies 14-15

Fifth Grade School Supplies 14-15

May 2nd, 2014- 5th Grade Puberty Talk with Nurse 2:00-3:00

May 5th-9th, 2014- Fall 2014 Kindergarten Registration

May 8th, 2014- 2nd Grade Thousand Springs 8-3

May 8th, 2014- Fall Kindergarten Open House 3:30-4:00

May 12th, 2014- PTA Meeting at 11:45 am

May 13th, 2014- 3rd Grade Honor Choir 6:30

May 16th, 2014- 5th Grade Craters of the Moon- 7:15am-4:00pm- $10.00

May 21st, 2015- 5th Grade Careers on Wheels 11:45-2:30 at Expo Center

May 22nd, 2014- 4th Grade Boise Trip- 7am- 6pm

May 26th- No School- Memorial Day

May 29th, 2014- 3rd Grade Hop to It 12:15-2:45- Pereira, Dickard, & Hart

May 29th- TFHS Graduation

May 30th, 2014- 3rd Grade Hop to It 12:15-2:45- Celaya, King, & Vriesman

May 30th- CRHS Graduation

June 2nd, 2014- Kinders to Harry Barry Park

June 3rd, 2014- Kinders to Library and Fire Station

June 4th, 2014- 3rd Grade Bowladrome 8:30-11:30

June 4th, 2014- 4th Grade to Movies and Harmon Park 11:15-2:45-Lunch at Harmon Park and then Twin Cinema for a movie- $3.00 per student

June 4th, 2014- Title 1 Family Fun 5-8

June 4th- MVHS Graduation

June 4th, 2014- Last Day of School for Kinders

June 5th, 2014- 5th Grade Bowling 8:30-11:30-$5 for rental- $1 for bus

June 5th, 2014- Last Day of School for 1st-5th

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