CRHS Food Drive

Canyon Ridge students will be putting on a food drive for those in need during the COVID-19 situation. All of the food will go towards those who are in need of food at this time. Many students in the area come to school expecting 2 out of the 3 meals they need in a day. Their goal, is to be able to provide enough food for them until this matter is resolved. All nonperishable food items are welcome. 
Some things that are requested by the CR food pantry are
-Boxed Meals(pastas, etc.)
-Breakfast items(cereal, pancake mix, etc)
-Soups/Chillies/Canned Meats
-Snack type foods(granola bars, non-perishables) 
There isn’t much room in the fridges but some perishable items such as 
-Other simple base foods
The goal isn’t to just fill the pantry at Canyon Ridge. The goal is to help as many people as possible. Meaning, that if the pantry at Canyon Ridge gets full, We will start donating the rest to the other schools across town. 
How to donate: 
Come to the loop in front of CRHS at-
@12pm-1pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday
@9am-10am Tuesday & Thursdays 
There will be a table or basket to put food in at the loop. Just deposit the food and drive away in order to not spread germs. We hope to get as many people as possible donating! Thank You!
Any questions: Call/Text Weston Casdorph (208)-490-6789 or Email at