Perrine Online Learning

Q: How do I find my child’s assignments and learning resources?
A: Go to and click on the online learning button.

Q: Will we have contact with our child’s teacher?
A: Yes, your child’s teacher will be in contact with families at least once a week. Your teacher will let you know how he/she will be communicating with you. You should hear from your teacher by Tuesday, March 31th.

Q: How do I contact my child’s teacher?
A: You can send them an email or leave a voice message. Email addresses and phone numbers are on our website. Communication tools, such as Remind and Class DoJo, will continue to be used if they were being used prior to the shutdown. Teachers will usually get back to you within 24 hours Monday – Friday.

Q: What if my child cannot complete all of the work?
A: We encourage your child to do as much as possible given the circumstances. Contact your child’s teacher with questions.

Q: How will the work be graded?
A: Grades have been suspended at this time. Our goal is to provide learning opportunities with the online platform. You will receive additional information should evaluation become part of the online learning program.

Q: When will online information be updated?
A: The platform will be down for updating Fridays at 3:00 pm until Monday at 8:00 am. Assignments from previous weeks will be available on the Perrine website under Online Learning Archives.

Q: What do I do if our internet goes down?
A: Possible internet options are listed in the packet and are available on the Twin Falls School District website.

Q: What if I cannot help my child with their work or we are having trouble logging in?
A: Set aside what is giving you and your child trouble and contact your child’s teacher.

Q: Do we have to complete all of the work according to the schedule?
A: The State Board of Education guidelines call for students in grades 1 – 5 to spend about 4 hours each weekday on schoolwork. (2.5 hours for kindergarten). Adjust the schedule and workload as needed for your child and family.