Issue 7.3 | October 2020

Virtual Conferences

Parent-Teacher-Student conferences will be held October 19- 22.  These will be virtual conferences using Google Meet.  Information on how to schedule a time was sent home on Monday, October 5th.  Please contact your child’s teacher if you have questions or need assistance.


At Perrine, Halloween is a time that we celebrate the joys of imagination and childhood frivolity.  We will continue our tradition of dressing up in costumes and having class parties. 


Costumes must either be able to slip over clothes or the costume must be worn all day without being an issue for regular school activities, such as sitting in a desk and independently using the restroom. 


Unfortunately, we cannot permit parents or other volunteers to join us at school for class parties.  We would love for you to be a part of the celebration.  Please, offer your support and participation in ways other than attending in person.

Safety Matters

Soon we will be opening the library and the music room for use during block specials.  Social distancing and liming of shared materials will be observed.  Rooms will be disinfected between classes.

When your child isn’t at school, please contact your child’s teacher.  If your child is ill, please let the teacher know what symptoms he or she is exhibiting.  We are collecting data to inform decisions.  Anytime your children are not in school, please contact us to verify that you know they are not in school.     

 No School

First quarter ends October 16th.

October 16 – no school all students

October 21 – no school for kindergarten

October 22-23 – no school for all students